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dream code:8400-2547-2622

Cat Face Cut Out by finoneko

hi  guys! 
I really want to tell you guys that I really appreciate for over 450 liked! yay! :D 
I really didn’t expect that and have never had a lot of liked so i’m really
really happy :) thank you so much. 
today’s qr code is mercury and mars. 
both are my favourite but especially Rei is my most favourite character in Sailor moon world. I like her long dark hair and skills and identity too. :)
i wonder who is your most favourite character :)
(+) i added my dream code in qr image! come over anytime then 
i’ll be glad :) my dream code is  8400-2547-2622 !

it’s last sailor moon qr code, sailor jupiter and sailor vinus.
Makoto is my second favourite charater next Rei, i like her
girlish sensibility and power (: and her tall too haha 
i was so much happy during make sailor moon animal crossing qr
pattern and glad you guys’ liked and reblogged (:
thank you so much again.
maybe…i’ll be back with Haruka and Michiru soon (: hehe
we’ll see. 
my dream code is 8400 - 2547 - 2622 !
thank you again :3